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Sell House Fast Maidstone

The ever increasing need for good student housing has greatly contributed to the growing property market in Maidstone. Business professionals, families and students alike find Maidstone extremely convenient due to its location and proximity to London (32 miles away). It is nice being able to get to the capital when you need to and experiencing it without being forced to live right in the middle of the busy lifestyle.

The biggest sector boosting this rapid growth in the property market is the education industry. Maidstone has a lot to offer students in terms of learning institutions. This is what is fuelling the rapid development coming up in the town to cater for this growing need for student accommodation. Read More...

Sell House Fast Warwick

Even though there has been an overall increased demand for student housing the world over, the UK has shown some exceptional statistics, especially in terms of yields. Warwick has especially been affected quite positively by this change in dynamics and it is no wonder that investors are flocking the county to find out how they can be a part of the surge. 

At 82 miles away from London, Warwick is quite a distance from the capital, not that this is a bad thing. Investors are gradually moving into areas that are a distance away from the capital to take advantage of untapped opportunities. The student population in Warwick is also growing steadily, making this city a choice location for student housing investments. Read More...

Sell House Fast Southend-On-Sea

At just 35 miles away from London, Southend-on-Sea is an ideal location for property investors. It has a population of 178000 according to the last census in 2015, and this number has been steadily growing since. The purpose built housing sector has been moving away from the capital and gravitating more towards smaller cities surrounding London.  Southend-on-Sea is one of these preferred locations.

So why is Southend-on-Sea such a hotspot suddenly? Well, among several other factors, the student body in Southend-on-Sea just does not have enough housing and the situation might get worse in coming months unless more investors set up accommodation facilities. Supply heavily outweighs demand.

Accommodation Needs for Students


Sell House Fast York

York is a beautiful walled city located 171 miles away from London. The recent housing boom that has hit the UK has not failed to reach this enigmatic city. York is fast becoming a hotspot when it comes to student housing. Investors are getting more and more drawn to this city as the student population in the city continues to grow.

York currently has a population of 205000 people. The student population takes up more than 50000 of this and the number is growing at an alarming rate. These students attend the universities and colleges in the city and with new institutions coming up this number will soon exceed 100000. York is immensely appealing to investors looking to get into the student housing sector.

Student Housing Needs


Sell House Fast Peterborough

The property market in the UK has been experiencing an upward spike in recent years and Peterborough has not been left behind in this boom. More investors are gravitating away from traditional property ventures and moving towards purpose built housing. Situated just 75 miles from London, Peterborough is an ideal location for this type of housing because students tend to look for places not too far from the capital.

Peterborough currently has a growing student population which is likely to increase the demand for more affordable student housing. The situation at the moment is an ever increasing demand which the limited supply cannot satisfy and this is why investors who get in on the boom now are likely to make a killing. Read More...

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